The Temple of Time High Definition Version 1.1

After launching The Temple of Time High Definition, some problems with the application became more and more obvious. Most importantly, was the performance. The original application ran poorly on all but the most high end of computers. This was for many reasons, but mostly came down to three. 

Firstly the lighting, the original application used only dynamic lighting within the scene, meaning every shadow cast was calculated every frame. This was originally done because dynamic lighting is easier to work with, however the obvious performance loss made it a mandatory change for this update. The lighting in Version 1.1 is now a mixture, most of the lighting is static (baked) meaning the lighting now costs significantly less to render. In addition this improves the visual quality of the lighting as baked lighting can produce much softer shadows. 

Next the reflections, although impressive on some level the original application used a dynamic cubemap for its reflections in the floor. Although this produced high quality results, capturing a dynamic cubemap ever few frames made for another expensive effect. In version 1.1 the reflections are a combinations of baked cubemap captures (not real time) and screen space reflections. Although these effects do look worse the performance gained from them is a big improvement.

The final hitch in performance was a lack of optimization in the code and options. In this case I chose to re code the project anew. Although starting from scratch is never ideal, in this case the application itself was fairly simple and only required a number of hours to recreate. In addition to this, options and features were added to allow the user to better optimize for their specific hardware. This includes a graphics options screen with a real time fps counter, and an fps lock, allowing the user to find the right settings to optimize their frame rate with their desired visual quality.

In addition to these performance changes additional changes were also made, my goal on this version was "leave nothing on the table" if I wanted to include a new feature, if I wanted to change a sound effect, or modify a script; I did. Some of these changes include, completely new texture/material maps on every object, new lighting effects, overhauled sound, additional visual effects options in game, and improved scripting on the level.  Almost every aspect of this update represents new improved content.

Please enjoy the changes and improvements

thanks for reading



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Apr 01, 2019

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